Our shop provides boxers with face on them. You can custom name, photo on every design below. Variety of colors include black, white, red, blue, green, Sport grey, light pink, navy . Plus-size from XS to 5XL. We provide fast production and shipping time. Personalized boxers is the hottest gift trend right now. Your boyfriend will be surprised and amused when he receives a boxer with a custom your face. If you have any problem, let live chat with us now.

No one has more celebrations and special occasions than couples in love. Along with romantic dates, cozy dinners, gifts are indispensable.

Thinking and choosing the right gift is also a complex problem for many people. How about giving casual clothes? Well, that sounds pretty boring. High-end electronics or smart devices? Sometimes your budget won’t allow you to afford such things.

Let’s explore one of the most unique and exciting gift ideas for men – the boxer with face on them. It is a gift that is both spicy and funny, and especially one-of-a-kind.

Sounds appealing, right? Let’s find out more in this article.

Highlight Features Of Custom Boxers

Boxers are an essential “accessory” for men. However, not all boxers are created equal. For this high-quality personalized product, you should note a few features as follows.

High-quality Material 

The primary material of these boxers is soft 100% polyester fabric with premium elasticity. It helps hug the body right from the first wear without creating discomfort.

Another advantage of polyester fabric is its durability and machine washability. It won’t damage much, and cleaning is easier than ever an excellent way to save effort and time.

Exquisite Styling

With a neat design and good support, these pants go well with a variety of looks. It also comes with a soft elastic waistband for an ultimate comfortable fit. Our boxer shorts with face on them ensure no uncomfortable skin marks but stay in place throughout the day.

Meticulous Crafted

Each stitch on this boxer model shows the care and meticulousness of skilled workers.

We made these boxers due to order. It is not a mass product. Each order is received with great care and care in the production process. They also take 3 to 5 days to complete instead of being available like other poor-quality boxers.

Exceptional Print Quality

One problem that many people fear when using printed clothing is poor colorfastness. However, you can rest assured this boxer will not be like that.

This personalized product uses proprietary technology and natural dyes. It ensures the brightest and most realistic colors. Whether you wash it with hot or cold water, the colors won’t tarnish or fade.

Personalized Design

The design of these pants is wholly unique and creative with your personal touch.

You just need to choose your best photo and upload it to us. The design department will accept and do all the hard work. It doesn’t take too much time. The result you get is a sharp, exciting, and high-quality design.

What Are The Uses Of Boxers With My Face On Them?

There are many gift ideas on the market, but not all of them are funny and impressive. These mens boxers with face on them are the ultimate choice for your partner. Let’s take a look at some of their main uses.

Unique Gift Idea

Are you looking for a fantastic present for your boyfriend or hubby on his birthday? You don’t have to search much because these boxers are the perfect gift.

Its design is so funny and exotic that it can make your man laugh when he opens the gift. He will surely enjoy the quality of the fabric as well as the images printed on it.

  • Photo: Custom-design. Our design team works hard to get a perfect cutout of your face from your uploaded photo
  • Features: Rich, vibrant colors embedded deeply into the boxer. Premium
  • How to Clean: Machine-wash safe; our unique printing process results in vibrant colors that will never fade or peel!
  • Material: 100% Soft polyester fleece. Soft elastic waistband for a comfortable fit.


1. Will the picture on boxer turn out blurred?

It really depends on the image you have uploaded. Our skilled designers will make sure the printed image is as clear as it is seen on your phone.

2. Will the picture on boxer fade away after constant washes?

Never, we use natural fabric dyes and proprietary technology to make the boxers, the color will not tarnish or fade after continuous washing, whether in cold or hot water.

3. Will the boxers ride up between sitting and walking?

No, they won’t. We have perfectly solved this problem that bothers almost every man. With 20 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing, our custom-made shorts are not only beautiful in appearance, but also comfortable to wear.